Wild Bill Forever Strange

It is with great sadness we deliver the news that on April 11, 2017 Wild Bill passed away. Though we are all devastated by this fact, we are happy to say he passed after hacing a wonderful day at his second home, Wild Bill's Nostalgia, with most of his immediate family including his youngest grand kids. Joyful until the end, he fed the cows with them and played with his talking tree. His last official Facebook post was of an updated picture of the four youngest grand kids, which he took just before he said what would be his final goodbye to them. Wild Bill was a loving father, grandfather and friend to all. Our loss is a shared loss. There was no one quite like Wild Bill nor will there ever be another.

We invite anyone that wants to share a happy moment or fond memory of Wild Bill to do so with a written statement or a short video on the "Wild" Bill Ziegler's personal facebook page. Memorial contributions may be sent to:

Autism Services and Resources Connecticut

101 North Plains Industrial Road

Harvest Park, Building 1A

Wallingford, CT 06492

203-265-7717 www.ct-asrc.org

Wild Bill ~ Forever Strange