Zmierzch i upadek domu Windsorow (Polish) Decline and Fall of the house of Windsor (english)

Zmierzch i upadek domu Windsorow (Polish) Decline and Fall of the house of Windsor (english)


Decline and Fall of the house of Windsor (Foreign language-Polish)

ISBN 8371295987

Donald Spoto

Publisher: Diogenes

Copyright for the Polish edition, Warszawa 1998

Hardcover, New


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The history of the Windsors are the history of the last two hundred years of monarchy in Britain as seen through the prism of the fate of sitting on a throne or related to the royal family characters - people extremely intelligent or mediocre, piercing and limited, impressive regal dignity or funny. Scandals, more or less covered up, as it turns out, were an integral part of the life of the royal court, which still maintains the atmosphere of moral hypocrisy. The tragic death of Diana was fine to chronicle the last home of Windsor, dark card.

Detailed, but not overwhelming story of the royal family, which each member had a distinct personality and its own definition of the word "monarchy". The book will appeal to lovers of history, but that told of no scientific puffed up. Dynasty Windsors is shown from the perspective of a more psychological, we have a chance to learn a lot about what kind of people were the rulers and powers in the UK, and fulfill their roles - not only social, but also as parents, siblings, lovers. Written swift, interesting language book can become a friend to many autumn evenings.

About Donald Spoto:

Donald Spoto (born June 28, 1941) is an American biographer and theologian. He is best known for his best-selling biographies of film and theatre celebritiessuch as Alfred HitchcockLaurence OlivierTennessee WilliamsIngrid BergmanJames DeanElizabeth TaylorGrace KellyMarlene DietrichMarilyn MonroeAudrey Hepburn, and Alan Bates. He has also written biographical accounts of the House of Windsor from the Victorian Era through to Diana, Princess of Wales and of religious figures such as Jesus, and Saint Francis of Assisi, which was made into a television program by Faith & Values Media.[1][2]