Voices, a Novel by Janice Law

Voices, a Novel by Janice Law


ISBN is 9780765302755 / 0765302756

Voices      by Law, Janice

Publisher: Forge Books, 2003

Edition: Hardcover

Language: English

New, First Edition, June 2006



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About the book:

There are persistent whispers from the past, growing increasingly stronger. Ever since Leslie suffered a miscarriage several months ago, shes felt as though theres more to her childhood than she understandsor can remember. Why are there no photographs of her as a child? Why cant she remember anything before the age of five? 

On the job at a local paper, Leslie finds a small human-interest story on the wire service: Ruth Eden, three years old, kidnapped from her Connecticut home twenty-five years ago. It resonates with her in a way that cant be just coincidence. Memories of a meadow, a car, a sense of trouble brewing and a summer-long ride. They haunt Leslie until she decides she must seek out the Edens and find out the truth. But when Leslie finally locates the man who may or may not be her father, she finds that there is no such thing as an easy answer. 

Janice Laws poignant novel asks the reader to consider some fascinating questions. Which is more importantwho you are now or who you were then? Can we ever forgive the people whove lied to usespecially when it changed the course of your entire life? And what is a familya biological connection or a group of people that loves you despite the costs?