The American Automobile by Tony Beadle

The American Automobile by Tony Beadle


ISBN is 9780831762674 / 0831762675

The American Automobile by Beadle, Tony

Publisher: Smithmark Pub, 1996 (Printed in Italy)

Edition: Hardcover- NEW (Great Gift)

Language: English

New hardcover book with dust cover. No marks - no wear inside or out. Just a couple of minor scuffs to back cover from shelf wear. True car lovers would enjoy this book!  Great gift/collectible.

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About the book:

The American way of life is inextricably linked to the car and this book traces different models, some highly successful and others not so, whilst looking at the prevailing social climate for each year from 1919 to 1998. The American Automobile covers fifty years of the best and worst in American automobiles, from 1919 through the early seventies. This book revisits legendary automakers -- Tucker, Pierce, and Studebaker, to name a few -- and legendary models -- the Zephyr, Powerglide, and Edsel, among many others -- in word and illustration, broken down into year-by-year chapters.


The ten years following World War I in America saw the birth of "mobility for the masses" as car ownership changed from being a privilege of a wealthy minority to become an essential part of the American way of life. The automobile reached the people. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused car production to be brutally slashed in the thirties and heralded the demise of some famous names. The fifties saw a time of explosive creativity in the automotive world, a time never likely to be repeated. Fins. Chrome. Powerful V8 engines. Vast new highways. Raymond Loewy and other stylists brought glamor and luxury within the reach of every American.

Then came the sixties, it was a decade of performance and 'muscle cars,' the best known being Lee Iacocca's Ford Mustang. The Mustang was the hit of all time and soon the horsepower race was on with a vengeance.

Finally, the story moves on to the early seventies, with federal government safety regulations, higher insurance premiums and gasoline shortages. Once again the market swung toward economical motoring and smaller cars, as the once proud monster machines were emasculated. Pollution controls, exhaust emission restrictions and low lead fuel each took their toll and as performance suffered so did styling.

It is difficult to disassociate the American automobile, a universally recognised icon, with the search for nostalgia. This book charts the progress of the automobile in America; as outstanding cars of a particular year are examined, so too is the social and economic climate of that period. Thus we see the development of the automobile as an inextricable part of the American way of life, the growth of the car and the industry reflecting that of the country.