That Certain Summer by Mary Verdick

That Certain Summer by Mary Verdick



That Certain Summer

a novel By Mary Verdick


Publication date:01/14/2011

Hardcover, NEW, Fiction (Middletown CT writer)


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"That Certain Summer" tells the story of Sally Grimes, a feisty girl from Iowa, who gets a dream job writing the life story of famous actress, Diane Fenwick. She moves to a Gatsbyesque community in Connecticut and meets the actress's adorable twins, Meagan and Alec, and Rufus, a special dog, who is more intuitive than a lot of humans. She also falls in love with Ricardo, the handsome hunk next door, who is an honest-to-god count and a Princeton graduate, but is working as a handyman for the reclusive millionaire Morley-Watts, who suspects Diane is hiding something he desperately wants. What is Ricardo's connection to Diane, and why is Sally suddenly plunged into a situation she has no control over?