Alien Log II: The New World Order by Robert Farrell

Alien Log II: The New World Order by Robert Farrell


ISBN 0975911635 / 9780975911631

Rare Pre-publication printing, 1st edition copyright 2010, soft cover, signed by author  Recipient of the Friends of American Writers 2nd place prize for the best 2002 novel written by a Midwest author.

Publisher:R. E. Farrellbooks, LLC, 2011


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About the book:

Dr. Farrell brings to life the science behind alien encounters by providing realistic characters and dialog that brings the reader to an understanding of the relevant issues facing researchers in the field of ufology. The author succeeds in entertaining the readers as he educates them. To assist those with inquiring minds, Dr. Farrell provides references by chapter in the back of the book. Alien Log II, the New World Order picks up where Alien Log left the desert. As the team, led by Colonel Pete Mitchell, heads back to base with the recovered alien artifact, Corey is abducted. The aliens can place a memory block on abductees before they are released. As a result Corey s alien captor, Quellin, freely answers any question Corey might have during a tour of the mother craft. Corey learns many things. For example, he learns the Big Bang Theory is wrong. He learns how the universe is constructed so remote viewing, telepathy, and past life s regressions are possible. Quellin explains how hybrids will be used to usher in the new world order and what that might look like. Eventually, Corey is released and is joined by his teammates, Wendy and Pete, as they continue the quest to unlock the secrets of the artifact. Wendy and Corey discover that the information she recovers is too dangerous to pass on to Pete who will then pass it on to the President. In the end, they solve the problem in a most unusual way. EXCERPT In the cover of darkness, Colonel Pete Mitchell and Wendy are running south away from their chopper that was brought down by the UFO. Pete knows the aliens will be back to recover the artifact. They reach a small mountain with a natural cave where they can hide. Pete climbs to the top of the mountain so he can observe with night goggles the downed chopper in the distance. Within five minutes Pete reached the top and slowly raised his head above a boulder. Cautiously, peering through the night vision goggles, he began searching the horizon to the north-east. The green glow of the chopper s tailpipes could be seen less than four miles away. Even brighter was the blinking strobe light. Suddenly, a chill went down Pete s spine. Sitting next to the chopper was a disk-shaped object just like the one that had taken Corey and the colonel. He could only imagine what Captain Herber must be going through. Pete knew it was only a matter of minutes before the alien s search for him and Wendy would begin. Pete s frozen stare was locked on the scene playing out only miles away. He was replaying the escape he and Wendy had made from the chopper. Retracing their path, first to the east of the chopper and then to the south-west. Then it dawned on him. He visualized in his mind, green-glowing footprints leading from the chopper to their hiding place. I hope to God the heat from our footprints is gone or we re in deep trouble! They ll find us for sure, Pete said to himself under his breath. He continued to watch as the disk began glowing and then lifted off, heading easterly at a low altitude. Keep going, baby. Don t stop, he said to the craft through his pursed lips. It continued moving eastward, slowly. Then it stopped a few hundred yards from the chopper! Pete could feel his heart pounding as his carotid arteries in his neck began throbbing. He watched more intently now as the craft began a slow circle, heading to the south, right toward him and Wendy!