CANCELLED Nick Morton Funko Pop Vinyl

CANCELLED Nick Morton Funko Pop Vinyl


Funko was releasing three POP! vinyl toys based on this summer’s The Mummy, with the title character getting two and Tom Cruise’s character Nick Morton getting one. If you planned on collecting all three, well, don’t count on it. Because while the Ahmanet toys are hitting shelves, Morton isn’t coming along with them.

Universal Monsters Universe confirms this week that Funko has for whatever reason cancelled the Nick Morton POP! toy. The site speculates that Cruise himself is to blame for this one:

While “licensing issues” was the reason cited for the cancellation of the first POP vinyl figure of Tom Cruise, there’s reason to believe that Cruise was the reason for its cancellation. The actor is known for not allowing his likeness to be used for merchandising and it is quite possible that this is what ultimately led to the cancellation of the Nick Morton POP!

Who is Nick Morton? It’s been rumored that he’ll either become the new Mummy or a Van Helsing-like character who will appear throughout Universal’s new universe.

But for now, those are only rumors.

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Box has crease on the back. Refer to pictures.

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