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About Wild Bills Nostalgia

Wild bills is not just a store, it's a way of life.  On our 45 acre property on Rt 3 in Middletown, CT we have a Nostalgia Store where you can find anything collectable or Nostalgic.  Come visit us 7 days a week and check out out posters, magazines, whale bones, bobbing head dolls, pops, wacky wobblers, bones, taxidermy, flags, records, petrified turtle shell and bunches of other things that will pique your interest.  The property also features a giant fun house tribute, boats painted and buried standing 20 feet tall, a stage and outdoor movie theater, a book and record store, as well as a few other artistic installations and oddities; the world largest jack in the box and the worlds largest bobbing head doll and don't forget the Yugos balancing on balls in the far corner of the parking lot. Below you'll see some of the stuff here at Wild Bill's Nostalgia!

Come for a visit.  We promise you've never been anywhere like here before.

Wild Bills Nostalgia is located at:

1003 Newfeild Street

Middletown, CT 06457

Phone: (860) 635-1226

Hours:  10am-6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Most Holidays!

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Heather Dawn Page - Owner

After her father's passing Heather took over the reins of Wild Bill's Nostalgia. Constantly on the move, taking calls, notes and overseeing operations Heather leads the Wild Bill's pack.

Jacob Andrew Dodge - Dabbler

A warehouse and shipments manager first, Jake is always running around as the go to guy for just about everything. If something needs figuring out or fixed, Jake's our guy.

Brian Hutchinson - Collectible Specialist

If you have a question or need some knowledge on any Funko products and collectibles, Brian has the information you need.

Kyle Drullard - Veteran Retail Associate

Kyle's been here at Wild Bill's Nostalgia off and on for a long time and has keen expertise in operating the sales floor and assisting customers. Plus everyone loves him and he's our all around goofball bringing joy to the world of Wild Bill's.

It is with great sadness we deliver the news that on April 11, 2017 Wild Bill passed away. Though we are all devastated by this fact, we are happy to say he passed after hacing a wonderful day at his second home, Wild Bill's Nostalgia, with most of his immediate family including his youngest grand kids. Joyful until the end, he fed the cows with them and played with his talking tree. His last official Facebook post was of an updated picture of the four youngest grand kids, which he took just before he said what would be his final goodbye to them. Wild Bill was a loving father, grandfather and friend to all. Our loss is a shared loss. There was no one quite like Wild Bill nor will there ever be another.

We invite anyone that wants to share a happy moment or fond memory of Wild Bill to do so with a written statement or a short video on the "Wild" Bill Ziegler's personal facebook page. Memorial contributions may be sent to:

Autism Services and Resources Connecticut

101 North Plains Industrial Road

Harvest Park, Building 1A

Wallingford, CT 06492

203-265-7717 www.ct-asrc.org

Wild Bill ~ Forever Strange